・Authors: Yuji Itoh, Hiroshi Miura, & Daisuke Shimane

・Title: A descriptive study on misidentifications of a person as a familiar person in an everyday situation

・Journal(書誌情報): Scientific Reports 13, Article number: 8530 (2023)

・doi: https://doi.org/10.1038/s41598-023-35094-8

・論文URL: https://www.nature.com/articles/s41598-023-35094-8

・Abstract: The purpose of this study is to show the characteristics of person misidentifications, that is, experiences in which persons are misidentified as known persons. A total of 121 participants were asked how many times they misidentified persons in the last year and details of a recent person misidentification were recorded through a traditional questionnaire. Additionally, they answered questions in a diary method questionnaire, about the details of person misidentification each time they experienced it, during the two-week survey period. The questionnaires revealed that the participants misidentified both known and unknown persons as familiar persons approximately six (traditional questionnaire) or 19 (diary method) times a year on average, regardless of whether they expected the persons to be there. They were more likely to misidentify a person as a familiar than as a less familiar person. It was also shown that the similarity of the faces of the person actually seen and the person they were mistaken for was not as high as the similarities of build and clothing. This study is expected to provide suggestions for models of person identification and enhance the research on errors.

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