Special Interest Groups

Special Interest Groups

Special Interest Group on Kansei Science

Special Interest Group on Kansei was founded as a union between JSCP members and researchers in diverse areas with interests in Kansei issues. This group holds an “International Workshop on Kansei” every other year, and holds regular “Kansei meetings” that invite leading researchers to discuss some of the latest topics in a friendly atmosphere. A mailing list is also available to facilitate the exchange of important information and for discussions among the participants.

http://psycho.hes.kyushu-u.ac.jp/lab_miura/Kansei/index.html (In Japanese)
e-mail:kansei[at]psycho.hes.kyushu-u.ac.jp ( please change [at] to @ in your messages. )

Special Interest Group on Aging and Cognition

Japan is one of the leading counties in terms of the longevity of its citizens. However, aging research has received relatively little attention from cognitive psychology. This Special Interest Group was established in 2007 for members in the areas of aging psychology, cognitive psychology and applied cognitive psychology to realize two main goals. The first objective is to revitalize research into cognitive aging through the exchange of research ideas and collaborations among the members. The second objective is to encourage cognitive psychologist who are hesitant about tackling aging research projects by providing advice through periodical meetings and internet mail group activities.

http://cognitiveaging.jp/profile.html (In Japanese)
e-mail:ygondo[at]hus.osaka-u.ac.jp ( please change [at] to @ in your messages. )

Special Interest Group on Discourse Psychology

The Special Interest Group on Discourse Psychology aims to promote empirical research into discourse and to provide a forum for discussion and the exchange of information among researchers. The group is interested in all linguistic forms and behaviors relating to the representation of multiple ideas (propositions), including text comprehension. The group holds regular meetings throughout the year. For the further advancement of this area, the group is actively seeking to establish collaborations with researchers, particularly within Asia and the Pacific Rim region.

e-mail:morishima[at]icu.ac.jp ( please change [at] to @ in your messages. )

Special Interest Group on the Credibility of Psychology

In recent years, low reproducibility of research results and revelations of research fraud have caused a great decline in the credibility of psychology. In addition, the basis of psychology as a science has been shaken by such factors as the combined effects of the public preference for popular psychology and the inappropriate use of statistics. Therefore, the Special Interest Group on the Credibility of Psychology was established to improve this situation by promoting discussion and quality research and practice among researchers.

Special Interest Group on Research Methods

The Special Interest Group on Research Methods aims to learn and examine the significance and utility of research methods such as statistical methods, stimuli generation methods, and experimental paradigms, leading research activities on cognitive psychology and related fields.
We would like to introduce and inquire highly diversified research methods, discuss them to further understand the methods, and provide some standards for the methods.

Special Interest Group on Consumer Behavior

Although consumer behaviors including decision making and preference are based on human cognitive processes, the field of cognitive psychology has contributed less to the applied research on consumers and marketing. This group aims to encourage researchers of consumer behavior, marketing, as well as cognitive psychology to interact across their disciplines, developing the research field of Experimental Consumer Psychology.

Special Interest Group on Neuropsychology

Neuropsychology is the study of how cognitive skills and abilities are organized in the central nervous system, based on neuroscience, neurology and psychology. It has traditionally been studied primarily for cognitive impairment observed in people with brain damage. In other countries, neuropsychology has been developed as a field in psychology, but in Japan, it can be said that there are still few neuropsychological studies in psychology. In the future, it is expected that studies from cognitive psychology in this area will be promoted, and the purpose is to provide a place to promote research in neuropsychology.

Special Interest Group on Safety Psychology (ended in 2024)

The Special Interest Group on Safety Psychology was established with the objectives of promoting the social contributions and development of cognitive psychology through psychology research into safety issues. Cognitive psychology knowledge and methodologies can be applied to promoting greater safety in the world. Moreover, research within this field can also contribute to basic research issues for cognitive psychology. The Special Interest Group on Safety Psychology is in a unique position to facilitate research and the exchange of information between researchers interested in safety issues and those who implement safety in workplaces and the environment.

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