Authors: Takashi Tsuzuki, Yuji Takeda, & Itsuki Chiba

Title: Influence of divided attention on the attraction effect in
multialternative choice

Journal(書誌情報): Judgment and Decision Making, 16 (2), 729-742.


The attraction effect in multialternative decision making reflects the
contextdependent violation of rational choice axioms. This study examined
the effect of concurrent divided attention in three-alternative visual
choice tasks. The concurrent divided attention task is considered to consume
the mental resources available for the choice task. There were three
conditions: (a) the task-relevant condition, in which the auditory task
should consume resources across multiple levels; (b) the task-irrelevant
condition, in which the auditory stimuli should consume perceptual
resources; (c) and the control condition, in which the resources should not
be consumed by auditory stimuli. Thirty-three participants solved 24
hypothetical purchase problems with three alternatives that differed in
terms of two attributes. The results indicated that the choice proportion of
the target was significantly higher in the task-relevant condition than in
the task-irrelevant and control conditions, thereby suggesting that a
reduction in cognitive (and/or response) resources is critical for the
attraction effect.
Keywords: attraction effect, multialternative choice, divided attention,
mental resources

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