Authors: Yuuki Tanida(谷田勇樹), Masataka Nakayama(中山真孝)and Satoru Saito(齊藤智)

Title: The interaction between temporal grouping and phonotactic chunking in short-term serial order memory for novel verbal sequences
Journal(書誌情報): Memory (in press)

The current study investigated the ways long-term memory contributes to short-term serial order memory of novel verbal sequences, focusing on long-term knowledge of bi-element frequency, that is, co-occurrence frequency of two consecutive elements in a linguistic environment. Participants performed two types of immediate serial recall of nine-element (nine-mora) sequences: low bi-mora frequency sequences where all eight associations between the nine morae were low frequency, and mixed bi-mora frequency sequences, with high-frequency associations for six of the eight bi-morae. Experiment 1 confirmed the bi-directional bi-mora frequency effect, meaning better recall performance for morae having high-frequency association with either the preceding mora (forward association) or the following mora (backward association). In Experiment 2, two temporal pauses were inserted in each list to disrupt high-frequency associations with the preceding mora or the following mora. The results showed that the bi-element frequency effect diminished when the high-frequency backward association was disrupted but the effect remained when the high-frequency forward association was disrupted. We discuss possible mechanisms underlying the asymmetric influence of temporal pauses on interactions between short-term memory and linguistic long-term memory.

KEYWORDS: Serial order memory, immediate serial recall, phonotactic frequency, chunking, temporal grouping

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