Muto, H., Matsushita, S., & Morikawa, K. (武藤拓之・松下戦具・森川和則)

Spatial perspective taking mediated by whole-body motor simulation

Journal of Experimental Psychology: Human Perception and Performance,
Advance online publication, 2017.

doi: 10.1037/xhp0000464


Humans can envision the world from other people's viewpoints. To
explore the embodied process of such spatial perspective taking, we
examined whether action related to a whole-body movement modulates
performance on spatial perspective-taking tasks. Results showed that
when participants responded by putting their left/right foot or
left/right hand forward, actions congruent with a movement's direction
(clockwise/counterclockwise) reduced RTs relative to incongruent
actions. In contrast, actions irrelevant to a movement (a left/right
hand index-finger response) did not affect performance. Furthermore,
we demonstrated that this response congruency effect cannot be
explained by either spatial stimulus-response compatibility or
sensorimotor interference. These results support the involvement of
simulated whole-body movement in spatial perspective taking. Moreover,
the findings revealed faster foot responses than hand responses during
spatial perspective taking, whereas the opposite result was obtained
during a simple orientation judgment task without spatial perspective
taking. Overall, our findings highlight the important role of motor
simulation in spatial perspective taking.

著者Contact先の email:
h_muto[at] (武藤拓之)

(2) 空間的視点取得課題において,手よりも足の反応が速くなること(足の優位性)を報告しています。これらの結果は,空間的視点取得の認知過程が進化的および発達的に身体性に根差している可能性を示唆しています。(武藤)