Authors: Matsushita, S., Morikawa, M., Mitsuzane, S. and Yamanami, H.
Title: Eye shape illusions induced by eyebrow positions.
Journal(書誌情報): Perception, 44, 529-540(2015)
Abstract: We investigated whether the position of the eyebrows influences the perceived shape of the eyes by employing psychophysical measurements. Experiment 1 used arched and straight eyebrows at five different inclinations as stimuli and measured the perceived inclination of the eyes. The results demonstrated that the eyes are perceived to be somewhat inclined in the same direction as the eyebrows. Experiment 2 measured the perceived eye size by manipulating the distance between the eyes and the eyebrows and the curvature of the eyebrows across three levels. The results showed that the lower eyebrows (ie closer to eyes) made the eyes appear larger and the higher eyebrows made the eyes appear smaller, while eyebrow curvature had no effect on perceived eye size. Experiment 3 examined the role of the eye-eyebrow distance in the eye inclination illusion shown in experiment 1. The eye inclination illusion was unaffected by the eye-eyebrow distance, suggesting that the eye inclination illusion and the eye size illusion may involve different kinds of assimilation. These illusions are discussed in terms of face perception and possible practical applications.
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日本語によるコメント: この研究は,眉を変えれば目の形も違って見える,という現象を心理物理学的手法で明らかにしました。実験1の結果,知覚される目の角度(つり上がり具合・たれ下がり具合)は眉の角度と同化することが明らかにされました。さらに実験2では,眉を低い位置に描くと目が大きく知覚され,高い位置に描くと小さく知覚されることも明らかになりました。眉は顔パーツの中で化粧・手入れにより最も劇的に変化させることができるパーツです。本研究の知見は,化粧法に関する実用的な意義のみならず,顔認知における全体処理・部分処理に関する考察,顔パーツ形状の同化・対比錯視に関する示唆を与えます。