Authors: Matsushita, S., Morikawa, K. and Yamanami, H.
Title: Measurement of eye size illusion caused by eyeliner, mascara, and eye shadow.
Journal(書誌情報): Journal of Cosmetic Science, 66(3), 161-174(2015)
Abstract: Do eyeliner, mascara, and eye shadow actually make the eyes appear larger than they really are? If so, by what percentage? To answer these questions, we used psychophysical experiments. Experiment 1 manipulated the degree of eyeliner (four levels) and mascara (five levels), and measured perceived eye size using a psychophysical procedure called the staircase method. The results showed that both eyeliner and mascara make the eyes appear larger than they really are by up to 6% (13% in area), but their effects are not additive. Eyeliner increased perceived eye size only in the absence of mascara. In the presence of mascara, however, eyeliner has no additional effect. Experiment 2 measured perceived eye size with or without eye shadow and demonstrated that eye shadow increases perceived eye size by about 5% (10% in area). These findings indicate that one mechanism by which makeup and cosmetics alter facial appearances involves inducing visual illusions. In addition, it is suggested that the eye size illusion caused by eyeliner, mascara, and eye shadow uses the same mechanism as that of the Delboeuf illusion, a geometric illusion of assimilation. 
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日本語によるコメント: アイメイクで,目は何パーセント大きく見えるのでしょうか?実験1では,アイランとマスカラの濃さを20段階に系統的操作し,それらの目がどの程度大きく見えるのかを心理物理学的手法で厳密に測定しました。また実験2では,アイシャドウによる目の拡大効果も同様に測定しました。実験の結果,それらのアイメイクは,(条件間の差はあるが)目を面積換算でおよそ110%の大きさに知覚させることが明らかになりました。この研究で用いた化粧は,不自然に濃いようなものではなく,実際にプロのメイクアップアーティストが自然で美しいと感じるレベルで施されました。