Authors: Nakashima, S. F., Morimoto, Y., Takano, Y., Yoshikawa, S. &
Hugenberg,  K.

Title: Faces in the dark: interactive effects of darkness and anxiety
on the memory for threatening faces.
Journal(書誌情報): Frontiers in Psychology, 5, 1091
doi: 10.3389/fpsyg.2014.01091
Abstract: In the current research, we extend past work on the effects
of ambient darkness and threat to the domain of memory for expressive
faces. In one study, we examined the effects of ambient darkness and
individual differences in state anxiety on memory of unfamiliar
expressive faces. Here, participants were seated in either a dark or
light room and encoded a set of unfamiliar faces with angry, happy,
and neutral facial expressions. A subsequent recognition task revealed
an interactive effect of ambient darkness, anxiety, and target
expression. Highly anxious participants in ambient darkness had worse
memory for angry faces than did low-anxiety participants. On the other
hand, the recognition performance for happy faces was affected neither
by the darkness nor state anxiety. The results suggest not only that
ambient darkness has its strongest effect on anxious perceivers, but
also that person × situation effects should be considered in face
recognition research.
著者Contact先の email: nakashima.satoshi[at]; shaikh.cogpsy[at]