Koshino, H., Minamoto, T., Yaoi, K., Osaka, M.,Osaka, N.

Coactivation of the default mode network regions and working memory
network regions during task preparation

Scientific Reports,4,5954, 2014



The Default Mode Network (DMN) regions exhibit deactivation during a
wide variety of resource demanding tasks. However, recent brain
imaging studies reported that they also show activation during
various cognitive activities. In addition, studies have found a
negative correlation between theDMNand the working memory network
(WMN). Here, we investigated activity in the DMN and WMN regions
during preparation and execution phases of a verbal working memory
task. Results showed that the core DMN regions, including the medial
prefrontal cortex and posterior cingulate cortex, and WMN regions
were activated during preparation. During execution, however, the WMN
regions were activated but the DMN regions were deactivated. The
results suggest that activation of these network regions is affected
by allocation of attentional resources to the task relevant regions
due to task demands. This study extends our previous results by
showing that the core DMN regions exhibit activation during task
preparation and deactivation during task execution.

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