Osaka, M., Yaoi, K., Minamoto, T., Osaka, N.

Serial changes of humor comprehension
for four-frame comic Manga: an fMRI study

Scientific Reports,4,582, 2014


Serial changes of humor comprehension evoked by a well organized
four-frame comic Manga were investigated by fMRI in each step of
humor comprehension. The neural substrates underlying the amusing
effects in response to funny and mixed order manga were compared. In
accordance with the time course of the four frames, fMRI activations
changed serially. Beginning with the second frame (development
scene), activation of the temporo-parietal junction (TPJ) was
observed, followed by activations in the temporal and frontal areas
during viewing of the third frame (turn scene). For the fourth frame
(punch line), strong increased activations were confirmed in the
medial prefrontal cortex (MPFC) and cerebellum. Interestingly,
distinguishable activation differences in the cerebellum between
funny and non-funny conditions were also found for the fourth frame.
These findings suggest that humor comprehension evokes activation
that initiates in the TPJ and expands to the MPFC and cerebellum at
the convergence level.

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