Authors: Sekiguchi T., Nonaka S.(関口貴裕・野中沙織)
Title: The long-term effect of perspective change on the emotional intensity 
of autobiographical memories.
Journal: Cognition & Emotion, 28(2), 375-383
doi: 10.1080/02699931.2013.825233

Autobiographical memories can be recalled from either a field (first-person) or 
an observer (third-person) perspective. Previous studies have reported that field-to-observer
perspective change reduced the emotional intensity of recalled events. In the present study,
we examined whether this effect has a long duration by employing follow-up measurements.
The participants were asked to recall the same events repeatedly across three sessions
(S1, S2, and S3): S2 was conducted about three days after S1, and S3 was conducted about
four weeks after S2. The results showed a reduction in the emotional intensity of the recalled
events when the perspective was changed from field to observer at S2. More importantly, this
reduction in emotional intensity persisted until S3. These effects were not observed under
observer-to-field perspective change at S2. These results suggest that observer perspective
taking can cause plastic change in the autobiographical memory system.

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自伝的記憶をどのような視点(一人称視点 vs 三人称視点)で想起するかが,想起時に感じる
三人称視点で想起し直すと想起時の感情強度が弱くなることが知られていますが(e.g., Berntsen
& Rubin, 2006),本研究では,こうした感情強度に対する三人称視点想起の影響が同じ出来事を