Azuma, M., Ikeda, T., Minamoto, T., Osaka, M., Osaka, N.


High working memory performers have efficient eye movement control

systems under Reading Span Test


Journal of Eye Movement Research



論文URL: 5/3/1


Controlled eye movements are critical in performing highly goal oriented

behavior such as text reading. Previous studies have examined the

relationship between working memory capacity and eye movement control

during working memory task. However, the results were inconsistent, due

to a methodological issue including the predictability of target

location. In the present study, we used Japanese version of reading span

test, where the position of to-be-remembered word is not predictable so

that more efficient attentional control is required, and investigated

how working memory capacity contributes to eye movement control during

reading span test. Results based on total fixation time revealed that

highworking memory performers efficiently control or shift their

attention under high memory load.

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