Author: Fuminori Ono (小野史典)

Title: Retrospective attention: The effects on time perception

Journal: Attention, Perception, & Psychophysics


Abstract: Attention has a significant effect on time perception, as a person’s perception of duration varies depending on the object of one’s attention, even when the visual stimulus is consistent. This study aimed to identify the effects of directing participants’ attention after a stimulus has disappeared on time perception, as prior studies have examined only pre-stimulus direction. The stimulus used comprised two overlapping figures – one large and one small. After the stimulus was removed, participants were asked to judge the length of the presentation time and shape of one of the two figures. Consequently, the participants perceived a longer presentation duration when their attention was directed to a large figure than when directed to a small figure. This finding suggests that even after an event has occurred, the time perception of the event changes depending on the feature receiving one’s attention.

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