・Authors: Satoshi Kawase

・Title: Is happier music groovier? The influence of emotional characteristics of musical chord progressions on groove.

・Journal(書誌情報): Psychological Research

・doi: 10.1007/s00426-023-01869-x

・論文URL: https://link.springer.com/article/10.1007/s00426-023-01869-x

・Abstract: Specific rhythmic patterns in music have been reported to induce an urge to move with feelings of pleasure or enjoyment, called “groove.” However, it is unclear how the emotional characteristics of music (e.g., happiness or sadness) affect groove. To address this issue I investigated the effects of the emotional characteristics of music on groove by altering the chord progressions accompanying drum breaks composed by a professional composer while manipulating independent tempo and rhythmic patterns. An online listening experiment was conducted using pieces composed by a professional composer but comprising different types of chord progressions that lead to happiness or sadness. Participants evaluated the nine items on a 7-point scale, including urge to move (i.e., groove), felt emotions, nori, and liking. The experiment found that: (1) chord progressions that evoke happiness were more likely to induce groove, (2) emotional characteristics did not interact with tempi and syncopation in terms of groove ratings, and (3) the accompaniment of drum breaks enhanced groove in both happy and sad chord progressions. Musical pieces with chord progressions that induce happiness were more likely to evoke groove, namely the urge to move. This implies that considering the emotional characteristics of musical pieces and rhythms is crucial when creating music for movement during rehabilitation, therapy, or dance.

・著者Contact先の email: satoshikawase.psy[at]gmail.com([at]を@に変えてください。)

・日本語によるコメント: グルーヴとは、音楽を聴いたときに生じる身体を動かしたくなる心地よい感覚とされる。グルーヴをもたらす要素としてリズムに関連する要因が検討されてきた。一方、本研究では、感情的な特徴の異なる和音進行によって、リズムは同じでもグルーヴが変化することを新しく示した。和音進行やリズムを操作し、和音進行の感情的な特徴がグルーヴに与える影響を、聴取実験で検討した。主な結果は以下である。(1)楽しさを喚起する和音進行はグルーヴを誘発しやすい(2)グルーヴの評価において、和音進行の感情的な特徴はテンポやシンコペーションと相互作用しない(3)和音進行の感情的な特徴によらず、ドラムブレイクが付随するとグルーヴが高まる。