Authors: Chifumi Sakata, Yoshiyuki Ueda, Yusuke Moriguchi

Title: Visual memory of a co‑actor’s target during joint search

Journal(書誌情報): Psychological Research

doi: 10.1007/s00426-023-01819-7


Abstract: Studies on joint action show that when two actors turn-takingly attend to each other’s target that appears one at a time, a partner’s target is accumulated in memory. However, in the real world, actors may not be certain that they attend to the same object because multiple objects often appear simultaneously. In this study, we asked participant pairs to search for different targets in parallel from multiple objects and investigated the memory of a partner’s target. We employed the contextual cueing paradigm, in which repetitive search forms associative memory between a target and a configuration of distractors that facilitates search. During the learning phase, exemplars of three target categories (i.e., bird, shoe, and tricycle) were presented among unique objects, and participant pairs searched for them. In Experiment 1, it was followed by a memory test about target exemplars. Consequently, the partner’s target was better recognized than the target that nobody searched for. In Experiments 2a and 2b, the memory test was replaced with the transfer phase, where one individual from the pair searched for the category that nobody had searched for while the other individual searched for the category the partner had searched for in the learning phase. The transfer phase did not show search facilitation underpinned by associative memory between the partner’s target and distractors. These results suggest that when participant pairs search for different targets in parallel, they accumulate the partner’s target in memory but may not form its associative memory with the distractors that facilitates its search.

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日本語によるコメント: 先行研究では、他者と一緒に行為をすると、自他の行為内容を表象するようになることが分かっていた。本研究では、他者の行為対象の記憶に着目した。二人がPC画面から並行に異なる標的を探索するとき、他者の標的は他の刺激よりも記憶に残りやすかった。これは、自分の行為対象だけでなく他者の行為対象も注意を引き、その結果として二者間で似通った記憶の形成が促進されることを示している。