Authors: Kohsuke Yamamoto and Haruko Sugiyama

Title: Influences of age-related positivity effect on characteristics of odor-evoked autobiographical memories in older Japanese adults

Journal(書誌情報): Frontiers in Psychology



Abstract: Older adults tend to remember past life events more positively than younger adults. This tendency is the age-related positivity effect. The present study examined whether this effect occurred for odor-evoked autobiographical memories. In total, 317 young and 181 older Japanese participants were asked to recall autobiographical events evoked by odors. Participants then completed the odor-evoked autobiographical memory questionnaire (OEAMQ) to measure the characteristics of the recalled memories. In the results, older participants recalled more positive memories than younger participants. Older participants also rated the OEAMQ subscales higher than the younger participants. Furthermore, there were significant positive correlations between the ratings of odor emotional characteristics and OEAMQ subscales. The age-related positivity effect was observed for odor- evoked autobiographical memories. The emotion aroused by odor played a significant role in some attributes of odor-evoked autobiographical memory. The age-related positivity effect in odor-evoked autobiographical memories has important implications for understanding the cognitive mechanisms of aging in autobiographical memory and olfaction and for applications in well- being and dementia in older adults.

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