Authors: Osaka, M., Kaneda,M., Azuma,M., Yaoi,K., Shimokawa,T., & Osaka, N.
Title: Capacity differences in working memory based on resting state brain networks
Journal(書誌情報): Scientific Reports 11, 19502 (2021).
Abstract: Herein, we compared the connectivity of resting-state networks between participants with high and low working memory capacity groups. Brain network connectivity was assessed under both resting and working memory task conditions. Task scans comprised dual-task (reading sentences while memorizing target words) and single-task (reading sentences) conditions. The low capacity group showed relatively stronger connectivity during resting-state in most brain regions, and the high capacity group showed a stronger connectivity between the medial prefrontal and posterior parietal cortices. During task performance, the dorsal attention and salience networks were relatively strongly connected in the high capacity group. In the comparison between dual- and single-task conditions, increased coupling between the anterior cingulate cortex and other attentional control-related areas were noted in the high capacity group. These findings suggest that working memory differences are related with network connectivity variations in attentional control-associated regions during both resting and task performance conditions.
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