Authors:Teshima, K., Ishida, K., & Nittono, H.

Title: Auditory perceptual processing during musical imagery: An event-related potential study (音楽イメージ中の聴知覚処理:事象関連電位による研究)

Journal(書誌情報): Neuroscience Letters, 2021, 762, 136148.


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Abstract: The perceptual processing of a sound is facilitated when the sound matches auditory imagery. Previous studies have shown that auditory imagery and actual sound activate the auditory cortex in a similar fashion. To investigate whether auditory imagery is a modality-specific representation or an amodal representation, the current study examined how watching silent music videos affected the auditory processing of sound excerpts. Twenty university students were asked to form musical imagery of Japanese popular songs while watching the official music videos. Event-related brain potentials were recorded in response to short sound excerpts from the on-screen video or from a different video. The results showed that the amplitude of the exogenous N1 component (90-110 ms) was smaller for imagery-matched than for unmatched sound excerpts. The electrical source of the difference was estimated in the auditory cortex. After the N1, the matched excerpts elicited a larger late positive potential (400-800 ms) than the unmatched excerpts. These findings suggest that auditory imagery involves modality-specific neural processing and that imagery-matched sounds are processed efficiently at an early stage, inducing additional cognitive processing at a later stage.

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日本語によるコメント:ミュージックビデオを音なしで見ているときに,そのミュージックビデオの音楽断片(500 ms)が提示されると,他の音楽が提示されたときよりも,聴覚皮質起源の脳電位反応が小さくなることを示した研究です。ミュージックビデオを見ることで,感覚モダリティをまたいだプライミング効果が起こるようです。実際のミュージックビデオと音楽を使いながらも,条件間で刺激属性を厳密にそろえた点で,小粒ながら面白い実験だと考えています。