Authors: Nittono, H.

Title: High-frequency sound components of high-resolution audio are not detected in auditory sensory memory (ハイレゾオーディオの高周波音成分は聴覚感覚記憶では検出されない)

Journal(書誌情報): Scientific Reports 2020, 10, 21740.



Abstract: High-resolution digital audio is believed to produce a better listening experience than the standard quality audio, such as compact disks (CDs) and digital versatile disks (DVDs). One common belief is that high-resolution digital audio is superior due to the higher frequency (> 22 kHz) of its sound components, a characteristic unique to this audio. This study examined whether sounds with high-frequency components were processed differently from similar sounds without these components in the auditory cortex. Mismatch negativity (MMN), an electrocortical index of auditory deviance detection in sensory memory, was recorded in young adults with normal hearing (N = 38) using two types of white noise bursts: original sound and digitally filtered sound from which high-frequency components were removed. The two sounds did not produce any MMN response and could not be discriminated behaviourally. In conclusion, even if high-resolution audio is superior to the standard format, the difference is apparently not detectable at the cortical level.

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