Authors: Matsuda, I., Matsumoto, A., & Nittono, H.

Title: Time passes slowly when you are concealing something (何かを隠そうとしているときは時間が長く感じられる)

Journal(書誌情報): Biological Psychology, 2020, 155, 107932.

doi: 10.1016/j.biopsycho.2020.107932


Abstract: The item to be concealed elicits greater physiological arousal than other items. Since high physiological arousal causes an overestimation of time, the display duration of an item is expected to be perceived as longer when people intend to conceal it. After stealing and concealing one item, 36 university students were asked to judge the display duration of an item as shorter than, equal to, or longer than a memorised duration of 2 s. Pictures of three items including the stolen item were presented in the guilty condition, whereas pictures of three items that had not been stolen were presented in the innocent condition. The display of all items in the guilty condition was perceived as longer than in the innocent condition without difference between the concealed and other items. The intention to conceal increases tonic arousal reflected in a higher skin conductance level and leads to a non-specific temporal overestimation.

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日本語によるコメント: 隠しごとをしているときは時が経つのが遅く感じられることを実証した研究です。模擬窃盗を行ってもらったあとに,記憶した時間の長さ(2秒間)と比較して,提示される写真の時間が長いか同じか短いかを3択で判断する課題を行いました。その結果,隠そうとする項目だけでなく同じブロックで提示される他の項目も(隠す必要がないブロックと比べて)長く感じられました。 隠すことに伴う覚醒度の上昇(皮膚コンダクタンスで測定した)が時間知覚に影響を与えたと考察しました。