■ JST戦略的創造研究推進事業(社会技術研究開発)
□ 研究開発領域「人と情報のエコシステム」
■ 2019年度新規研究提案募集のお知らせ [English follows Japanese ]

2019年度は英国のUKリサーチ・イノベーション(UK Research and Innovation, UKRI)
傘下のEconomic and Social Research Council (ESRC)とArts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC)と連携し、日本と英国との共同プロジェクトを募集します。


〔募集期間〕 2019年5月8日(水)正午 ~ 2019年7月17日(水)正午

〔募集説明会〕2019年5月23日(木)17時~18時30分 東京 


〔問合わせ先〕国立研究開発法人科学技術振興機構 社会技術研究開発センター 企画運営室 募集担当 

  E-mail:boshu[at]jst.go.jp ([at]を@に置き換えてください)  Tel:03-5214-0133

■ JST Strategic Basic Research Programs (Science and Technology for Society)
□ R&D field: “Human-Information Technology Ecosystem (HITE)”
■ Notice concerning the Call for New Research Proposals 2019

JST’s Strategic Basic Research Programs (Science and Technology for Society) has begun calling for 2019 proposals for new research in the R&D field “Human-Information Technology Ecosystem (HITE)”


Today, the development of information technologies in such forms as AI,
robotics, and IoT is accelerating. In view of this, JST is promoting R&D
in this field for the design of new systems and technologies by
considering the how these technologies will pervade throughout society,
how they will be familiar with people’s lives, and the kinds of problems that may occur as they do.

For 2019, the Research Institute of Science and Technology for Society
 (RISTEX) of Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST) and the Economic
and Social Research Council (ESRC), the Arts Humanities Research Council (AHRC) which are bodies under UK Research and Innovation (UKRI) , are pleased to announce a joint call for proposals exploring the impact of Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies on society.

Initiatives undertaken heretofore in this field have revealed differences in thinking that are based on Western modernism and Japanese tradition. Such differences are seen with regard to the autonomy of human behavior and ways of conceptualizing the relationship between human and machines.

We are looking for the development of a platform, to take the form of a joint Japan-UK project, for conducting comparative research on this theme and building mutually-acceptable governance mechanisms.

●Application period: 12:00 noon, Wednesday, May 8 to 12:00 noon, Wednesday, July 17, 2019

●Explanatory session: 5:00 p.m. to 6:30 p.m., Thursday, May 23, 2019, in Tokyo

●Application details: https://www.jst.go.jp/ristex/hite/en/topics/409.html

●Enquiries relating to the call should be addressed to Chiaki Beis:

・Joint AI and Society Team

・Email: JointAISocietyCall[at]esrc.ukri.org ([at]を@に置き換えてください)