Author: Fuminori Ono

Title: The Effect of Ratio of Changing to Static Stimuli on theAttentional Capture

Journal(書誌情報): Scientific Reports



Abstract:Studies have shown that appearing or disappearing objects attract
more attention than static objects. This study examined the modulation of
attention attracted by transient signals by systematicallymanipulating
the ratio of changing (appearing/disappearing) to staticstimuli.
The results revealed that the effect of transient stimuli in
attracting attention was diminished by simultaneously appearing
(disappearing) peripheral stimuli and that the position where nothing
was presented (the remaining stimulus) attracted attention when the
number of appearing (disappearing) peripheral stimuli was increased.
These findings suggest that the sudden change does not always capture
attention, and whether changed things are attended or unchanged things
are attended is determined depending on the proportion of things that
change and do not change.

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