Authors: Masataka Nakayama(中山真孝)and Satoru Saito(齊藤智)

Title: Position-element frequency learning is dissociable from Hebb repetition learning

Journal(書誌情報): Journal of Memory and Language, Volume 94, June 2017, Pages 235-253



Position-element association has been extensively investigated as a mechanism for serial order memory and has been widely implemented in models of short-term memory. This study examined whether and how the position-element association is learned as a form of long-term knowledge dissociated from other forms of knowledge such as sequence knowledge acquired in the Hebb list repetition paradigm. Laboratory learning experiments demonstrated that repeated exposure to a specific position-element association facilitated subsequent recall of the position-element association with experimental control of other aspects of to-be-learned statistical structure of the artificial phonotactics. The experiments also demonstrated that the positional frequency learning was more gradual than Hebb list learning, suggesting a dissociation of the two forms of learning. Functional roles of these two forms of learning were discussed.

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