Authors:Kusumi, T., Hirayama, R., & Kashima, Y.(楠見 孝・平山るみ・嘉志摩佳久)

Title:Risk Perception and Risk Talk: The Case of the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Radiation Risk.

Journal(書誌情報):Risk Analysis: An International Journal. (電子版)



Abstract:Individuals’ perceptions and their interpersonal communication about a risk event, or risk talk, can play a significant role in the formation of societal responses to the risk event. As they formulate their risk opinions and speak to others, risk information can circulate through their social networks and contribute to the construction of their risk information environment. In the present study, Japanese citizens’ risk perception and risk talk were examined in the context of the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear radiation risk. We hypothesized and found that the risk information environment and risk literacy (i.e., competencies to understand and use risk information) interact to influence their risk perception and risk talk. In particular, risk literacy tends to stabilize people’s risk perceptions and their risk communications. Nevertheless, there were some subtle differences between risk perception and communication, suggesting the importance of further examination of interpersonal risk communication and its role in the societal responses to risk events.

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リスクをよく知る市民ほど安心できないのはなぜか -福島原発事故による放射線リスクの認知と周囲との会話を調査-