Authors: Yurina Otaki, Kazuhiro Ueda, Osamu Sakura
Title: Effects of feedback about community water consumption on residential
water conservation
Journal(書誌情報): Journal of Cleaner Production
doi: 10.1016/j.jclepro.2016.12.051
This study was designed to investigate methods of promoting water
conservation through feedback about the level of water consumption in the
long term. Most previous studies have been conducted in areas where water
resources are under stress, whereas as this study was conducted in the Tokyo
commuting area, where there is little worry about a water shortage. Three
types of feedback about the level of water consumption in their community
were provided to water users. These included actual mean consumption,
consumption rank, and emoticons with written information. Feedback was sent
once every two weeks during a 24-week period. Two hundreds and forty-six
participants were randomly sampled from survey monitors in the Tokyo
commuting area. The results indicated that effective feedback information
differed for high and low water consumers. Water use in high consumers
decreased when they received emoticons, whereas that in low consumers
decreased when they saw that their use had decreased. Consumption in low
water users did not increase even when they were notified that their
consumption was relatively small. In addition, information about mean water
consumption is only effective under conditions of water scarcity. In the
future, the amount of regional water resources should be considered in
selecting the survey area.
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