Authors: Matsuo, K., & Miura, H.
Title: Effectiveness of the Self-Administered Interview and Drawing Pictures for
Eliciting Eyewitness Memories
Journal(書誌情報): Psychiatry, Psychology and Law
Abstract:The Self-Administered Interview (SAI) is a tool that is used to obtain eyewitness memories.
Adopting the techniques of the cognitive interview (CI), the SAI was developed in the form
of a booklet consisting of several parts. The unique aspect of the SAI is a sketch section that
asks eyewitnesses to describe the context of an incident by drawing pictures. This study
investigates the effectiveness of the SAI by focusing on the effect of the sketch on memory
recall. Participants (n D 180) watched a crime video and recalled events in a 3 (recall
method: SAI, CI, free recall [FR]) £ 2 (delay: immediate, one week) between-subjects
design. The results showed no significant difference among recall methods when the
information from the sketch was excluded. When the sketch information was included, the
SAI gained better results than the CI and FR in terms of memory recall. In addition, memory
performance was better for the immediate SAI compared with the delayed CI. The practical
implications of the SAI are discussed.
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