Olaf Blanke博士講演会のご案内

この度、体外離脱体験や身体意識のご研究で著名な Olaf Blanke 博士(スイス連邦工科大学教授)の講演会を下記の通り開催することになりました。


日時:2015年11月21日(土) 13:30~15:00

場所:東京大学 武田先端知ビル 武田ホール




Dr. Olaf Blanke

Bertarelli Chair in Cognitive Neuroprosthetics

Center for Neuroprosthetics & Brain Mind Institute

Swiss Federal institute of Technology (EPFL)

Lausanne, Switzerland


Multisensory brain mechanisms of self-consciousness and visual consciousness


Past work has indicated that subjective aspects of consciousness, in
particular the fact that consciousness is bound to the self, is based on
the integration multisensory signal integration of visual, tactile, and
proprioceptive stimuli in temporo-parietal cortex. Other prominent
research highlighted the importance of interoceptive (bodily) signals in
the insula. I will, present studies that investigate bodily
self-consciousness by exposing subjects to ambiguous multisensory
extero- and interoceptive information about the location and appearance
of their own body. Jointly with brain imaging, these studies have shown
that activity in a network of brain regions, centering in the
temporo-parietal cortex and insula reflects bodily self-consciousness.
In the second half of my talk I will present recent data in cognitive
neuroprosthetics applying our neuroscience and technology findings in in
sensory substitution and neurorehabilitation in patients suffering from
chronic pain, phantom limb sensations, and schizophrenia.