Authors: Takao Fukui, Toshio Inui

Title: Use of early phase online vision for grip configuration is
modulated according to movement duration in prehension

Journal(書誌情報): Experimental Brain Research, August 2015, Volume
233, Issue 8, pp 2257-2268

doi: 10.1007/s00221-015-4295-8



Our previous study (Hum Mov Sci 25:349-371, 2006) investigated whether
and how online vision in the early phase of movement influences the
control of reach-to-grasp movements (movement duration: approximately
1000 ms). We used liquid-crystal shutter goggles to manipulate the
duration of available online vision during the movement and specified
that online vision during the early phase influences grasping movements.
The current study examined the effect of online early phase vision on
the grip configuration according to the movement duration and compared
it between two different movement durations (approximately 500 and 1000
ms). We found that non-availability of early phase online vision
affected the grip configuration (i.e., inducing a larger peak grip
aperture) even in the shorter movement duration. The influential period
for online vision for grasping control shifts to an earlier time when
movement time is shorter (i.e., from approximately 214 to 106 ms after
movement onset), indicating a flexible mechanism for grip configuration
according to the movement duration and the available online vision.

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