OCU International Workshop on Psychology

日時: 2015年7月24日(金) 11:00~16:00
会場: 大阪市立大学 文学部(増築棟)355号室
主催: 大阪市立大学 文学部 心理学専修
共催: インターナショナルスクール
使用言語: 英語

<Part 1>
International and Global Business: Communication, Organization, and

Norhayati Zakaria (Universiti Utara Malaysia)
Globalizing the Classroom: Building Swift Trust through Cross-Cultural
Competencies for Global Virtual Teams

Katsunori Kaneko (Osaka City University)
Localization of Japanese Subsidiaries in ASEAN: The Experience of Thailand

Nasriah Zakaria (King Saud University)
A Study of Satisfaction and E-Health Literacy among Users When Using
Twitter to Seek Psychiatric Consultation: A Recent Trend in Saudi Arabia


<Part 2>
Using Content Analysis in Qualitative Study: Why need to use CAQDAS?

by  Norhayati Zakaria (Universiti Utara Malaysia) & Nasriah Zakaria
(King Saud University)

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