Masanori Kobayashi & Yoshihiko Tanno

Remembering episodic memories is not necessary for forgetting of
negative words: Semantic retrieval can cause forgetting of negative

Psychonomic Bulletin & Review, Online first



Retrieval of a memory can induce forgetting of other related memories,
which is known as retrieval-induced forgetting. Although most studies
have investigated retrieval-induced forgetting by remembering episodic
memories, this also can occur by remembering semantic memories. The
present study shows that retrieval of semantic memories can lead to
forgetting of negative words. In two experiments, participants learned
words and then engaged in retrieval practice where they were asked to
recall words related to the learned words from semantic memory.
Finally, participants completed a stem-cued recall test for the
learned words. The results showed forgetting of neutral and negative
words, which was characteristic of semantic retrieval-induced
forgetting. A certain degree of overlapping features, except same
learning episode, is sufficient to cause retrieval-induced forgetting
of negative words. Given the present results, we conclude that
retrieval-induced forgetting of negative words does not require
recollection of episodic memories.

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