Authors: Suegami, T., Aminihasjibashi, S., and Laeng, B.
Title: Another look at category effects on colour perception and their left hemispheric 
lateralisation: no evidence from a colour identification task.
Journal(書誌情報): Cognitive Processing, 15(2), 217-226
doi: 10.1007/s10339-013-0595-8
Abstract: The present study aimed to replicate category effects on colour perception and their 
lateralisation to the left cerebral hemisphere (LH). Previous evidence for lateralisation of colour category
effects has been obtained with tasks where a differently coloured target was searched within a display and
participants reported the lateral location of the target. However, a left/right spatial judgment may yield
LH-laterality effects per se. Thus, we employed an identification task that does not require a spatial judgment
and used the same colour set that previously revealed LH-lateralised category effects. The identification
task was better performed with between-category colours than with within-category task both in terms of
accuracy and latency, but such category effects were bilateral or RH-lateralised, and no evidence was found
for LH-laterality effects. The accuracy scores, moreover, indicated that the category effects derived from low
sensitivities for within-blue !
 colours and did not reflect the effects of categorical structures on colour perception.
Furthermore, the classic "category effects" were observed in participants' response biases,
instead of sensitivities. The present results argue against both the LH-lateralised category
effects on colour perception and the existence of colour category effects per se.
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