Yaoi,K.,Osaka,M.,& Osaka,N.  

Medial prefrontal cortex dissociation between self and others in a referential task: 
An fMRI study based on word traits. 

Journal of Physiology,107 (2013) 517-525



A number of recent neuroimaging studies using self referential tasks have investigated
 whether self referential processing depends on a unique neural basis that operates 
specifically in the medial prefrontal cortex. However, these studies have provided 
contradictory results despite the use of similar methodologies. We hypothesized that 
these discrepancies are partially related to the task-difficulty that presents dissociations 
reaction times in the self- and other-referential tasks. We therefore measured brain 
activity during self and other referential tasks to determine if such activity can be 
dissociated according to the reaction times (fast versus slow) for the trait words. 
Activation differed across self and other only in the slow word condition. The self 
referential condition with slow reaction time produced greater activation
in the ventromedial prefrontal cortex, whereas the other referential condition with slow 
reaction time produced activation of the middle temporal gyrus. Results suggested 
that the task-difficulty might affect whether or not brain activities within MPFC would 
be dissociated between self- and other-referential processing.

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