Authors: Kenta Matsumura & Takehiro Yamakoshi

Title: iPhysioMeter: A new approach for measuring heart rate and normalized
pulse volume using only a smartphone

Journal(書誌情報): Behavior Research Methods, 45(4), 1272-1278, 2013

doi: 10.3758/s13428-012-0312-z


Abstract: Heart rate (HR) and normalized pulse volume (NPV) are physiological
indices that have been used in a diversity of psychological studies. However,
measuring these indices often requires laborious processes. We therefore
developed a new smartphone program, named iPhysioMeter, that makes it possible
to measure beat-by-beat HR and ln NPV using only a smartphone. We examined its
accuracy against conventional laboratory measures. Mental stress tasks were
used to alter HR and ln NPV in 12 participants. Bland-Altman analyses revealed
negligible proportional bias for HR and ln NPV or for their change values,
expressed as ΔHR and Δln NPV. However, a relatively large fixed bias did
emerge for ln NPV, as well as a small one for Δln NPV, although both were
within the limits of agreement. These findings suggest that iPhysioMeter can
yield valid measures of the absolute level of HR and of relative changes in ln

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