David C. Rubin (Professor, Duke University, Department of Psychology & Neuroscience)先生講演会


日時:2016年11月6日(日) 午後2時より
場所:慶應義塾大学 三田キャンパス 大学院校舎 325B教室
     * なお、当日は日曜のため正門以外の出入り口は閉まって
講演者:David C. Rubin (Professor, Duke University, Department of
     Psychology & Neuroscience)
演題:Event Memory: A Theory of Episodic and Autobiographical Memory
    Based on Scene Construction not the Reliving of a Single Event.
 要旨:The idea of separating memory for events (episodic memory) from
memory for knowledge (semantic memory) using introspection the as the
data, dates back to antiquity.  Memory for events was a category for
memories from one's own life, that were from events that occurred at a
specific time and place, and that came with some kind of a warm
personal feeling, such as reliving.  Behavioral studies combined with
advances at the neural level including recording from rodent hippocampi,
structural neuroimaging of neuropsychological cases, and functional
neuroimaging have added knowledge that can change the nature of the
conceptual distinction between memory for events and memory for
knowledge to one based on scene construction.  Because we understand the
visual system better than we understand judgments of reliving, this
advances science and allows integration across levels of analysis and
subject populations not possible with the older theories.
参考文献:Rubin, D. C. & Umanath, S. (2015). Event memory: A theory of
memory for laboratory, autobiographical, and fictional events. Psychological
Review, 122, 1-23.

* 入場無料 申し込み不要




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